Community Catalyst Fund Supports “Kid Power”

By Janine Novak, Park Lake School PTA

On Friday, March 4, 2011, through a grant from the Community Catalyst Fund, the students and staff at Park Lake School in New Jersey were presented with an absolutely delightful performance, “Kid Power and the Planet Protectors.”  We learned about effective ways to preserve our environment by recycling, conserving water and protecting animal habitats.  The show was not only interesting and informative, but it was interactive and engaging for the students. 

The wonderfully talented presenter had the ability to get, and hold, the attention of every student in the all-purpose room.  The age range of the children is 3 years through 17 years, and the material captured the attention of each of them.  His animated facial expression, hip-hop dance moves and catchy tunes made the show enjoyable to watch and comfortable to participate in as he prompted the students along the way.  “Geotron” the robot added to the fascination of the children and an excellent time was had by all!

Thank you so much for this performance – it was a great learning experience for each of us.

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