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Campbell Recycling Advocacy Project Expands Program with Community Catalyst Fund

May 25, 2012

By Dennis Perreault, Faculty Advisor, Campbell Recycling Advocacy Project CRAP requested a Community Catalyst Fund grant in order to expand its recycling program to the two other schools in the Litchfield, NH,  School District.  Prior to the awarding of the grant, hundreds of pounds of recyclable cardboard and steel cans were being deposited into the [...]

The Monadnock Energy Resources Initiative Gets Off the Ground

May 15, 2012

By Bev Edwards, Coordinator, Monadnock Energy Resources Initiative MERI’s grant from the Community Catalyst Fund has been pivotal to our progress.  It put the financial ground under our feet that enabled us to take the careful and wisest next steps toward creating a strong, effective program. It lifted us from being an idea worth manifesting, [...]

Enhanced Recycling Program in Somersworth, NH

April 2, 2012

By Liz Wilson, Chair of the Somersworth Sustainability Committee The City of Somersworth strives to be a leader in sustainability.  As the Somersworth Sustainability Committee, we recognized that there were significant opportunities to improve access to recycling in public spaces within the city and lead by example.  City residents visiting public buildings and spaces had [...]

Transition Town Training in Concord, NH

March 22, 2012

By Jonathan Gregory, Co-Organizer of the Concord Transition Town Training The first of its kind in New Hampshire, a professional training for the internationally acclaimed Transition Town model was hosted in Concord, NH by the Concord Energy and Environment Committee and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, funded in part through a [...]

Recycling is Back at Sandwich, NH, Central School!

December 6, 2011

By Nancy Fredrickson, Sandwich Energy Committee Recycling is back at Sandwich Central School thanks to the volunteer efforts of the town’s energy committee and a Community Catalyst Fund grant that provided funding for construction of an outdoor storage shed. Due to severe space shortages our K‐6 school’s recycling program had been put on hold indefinitely [...]

Common Sense Energy Savings

March 29, 2011

        Roger Stephenson, APR Vice President for Programs     I’m looking forward to our third annual Local Energy Solutions conference for New Hampshire towns and schools – this Saturday  — April 2  from 8 am-4pm .    A town administrator from the North Coountry shared with me that his oil heat bill [...]

100 Pro-RGGI Businesses

March 28, 2011

      Roger Stephenson, APR Vice President for Programs         The list of NH businesses supporting RGGI in New Hampshire is growing and this morning stands at 92.  Not bad for hardly trying.    Its common sense  - ask a business owner if s/he’d like to pay for RGGI, only to see the [...]

Make it your business to support RGGI

March 11, 2011

  Roger Stephenson Vice President for Programs           With almost 200 jobs produced already in New Hampshire as well as a number of NH towns and schools saving energy dollars, RGGI is not fooling around – it means business.  My colleague Bob Sheppard sent a note to business partners to sign on to [...]

Repealing RGGI is not an Option

March 2, 2011

    Roger Stephenson VP for Programs, CA-CP   Resisting a RGGI Repeal The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) has come under fire in at least three of the participating states, and at times for good reason. For example, I believe revenue from RGGI should not be diverted into a state’s general fund.  However, ideology [...]

What do witch hunts look like in a changing climate?

July 7, 2010

By Bill Burtis Manager of Communications and Special Projects, Clean Air-Cool Planet I came across the article “The Witch Hunt of the Little Ice Age” (by Dr. Promode Kant at the Institute for a green Economy in New Delhi) during a search for science on that period of the planet’s history made famous by climate [...]


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