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The glass is half full—but we’d better keep filling

March 31, 2009

by Jennifer Andrews Manager, Campus Program, Clean Air-Cool Planet We’ve been getting a lot of questions, especially from campus partners and Campus Carbon Calculator™ users, about the EPA’s proposal to institute mandatory reporting for large emitters. Some of these ask about specific aspects of the Calculator and whether they will be in line with specific [...]

BANG, BANG – The problem with taking up arms in the circle

March 26, 2009

by Bill Burtis, Manager of Communications and Special Projects Clean Air-Cool Planet I recently learned that clear cutting is one of the most environmentally sensible ways of harvesting a forest, if you are talking about allowing the forest to regenerate. This didn’t make me joyful – and I am sure there are a number of [...]

The Greenhouse Effect in the Garden

March 24, 2009

by Adam Markham, CEO, Clean Air-Cool Planet It was brilliant last week to see Michelle Obama taking Michael Pollan’s advice to “rip out your lawn” and to begin a vegetable garden. Our family has ripped up a lot of lawn in the last fifteen years and it’s been a wonderful way to introduce our daughter [...]


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