RGGI, Andrew Jackson, and Danny Webster


Roger Stephenson, APR
Vice President for Programs


So the Washington-based Americans for Prosperity is now running radio ads to repeal RGGI in New Hampshire.    Lets review the facts:

  1. RGGI proceeds now benefit NH towns, businesses and schools.
  2. If repealed, NH people and businesses still pay in, but all the money goes to Connecticut, or New Jersey, or Massachussets, or the other RGGI states.
  3. More than 100 NH businesses support RGGI.
  4. AFP is funded by out of state oil and gas interests.
  5. RGGI has produced dozens of NH jobs.
  6. AFP has produced 1 NH job – that of a lobbyist.

I am glad to see a post from conservative D.R. Tucker, lauding the leadership of Senator Nancy Stiles who favors RGGI reform over RGGI repeal:

Sen. Stiles isn’t willing to throw away New Hampshire’s commitment to fighting carbon pollution. She says she prefers to revise certain RGGI requirements rather than walk away from them. It’s a common-sense statement—but considering the political environment she’s in, it’s one that requires tremendous courage.

The courage, Tucker explains, prompts him to begin his post with a reference to Andrew Jackson:

“Andrew Jackson once noted that one man with courage makes a majority. In New Hampshire, one woman could do the same.”

Tucker’s collumn was a breath of fresh air, and prompted me to connect one of New Hampshire’s own, Daniel Webster, to Senator Stiles and the rest of our common sense state senators  who are resisting the ideological call for RGGI repeal.  A story by Stephen Vincent Benet, the Devil and Daniel Webster, is a story of patriotism in which Webster confronts the Devil by exclaiming “no American citizen may be forced into the service of a foreign prince“.  

How appropriate!  Benet describes the devil as “a soft-spoken, dark-dressed stranger”, who “drove up in a handsome buggy”

No better description for a lobbyist than as a dark-dressed foreign prince arriving in New Hampshire in an expensive car

If you are within an email of writing Senator Stiles, thank her and any of her colleagues for protecting New Hampshire and supporting RGGI. nancy.stiles AT leg.state.nh.us

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