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A Busy Year for Spencer-Van Etten Middle School’s Greenhouse Program

July 22, 2011

By Brenda J. Anderson, Spencer-Van Etten Middle School The 7th and 8th grade students in my Greenhouse Program (GHP) at Spencer-Van Etten (S-VE) Middle School in Spencer, NY, plan big .  The students in this hands-on integrated elective continued their work from previous years of promoting Green Education in their building, district and community in a variety [...]

Retirement Communities Going Green

October 27, 2010

Gray Is Green and the Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut (AASCC) have partnered to help spread the concepts and practices of sustainable living to retirement communities and senior housing centers in Connecticut.

Personal Rapid Transit – Coming to a city near you?

July 9, 2010

By Leah Bamberger Climate Fellow, Clean Air-Cool Planet    I would like to introduce you to the future of public transportation, Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).  No more rubbing up against strangers, or waiting for that bus or train.  PRT is the future of public transportation. PRT is an automated system of very light and small [...]

What does sustainability look like? What does it taste like?

June 25, 2010

By Harry Alper Climate Fellow, Clean Air-Cool Planet Harry Alper is earning an undergraduate degree in anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, where he is involved in environmental justice efforts and “grateful for every chance to ride bikes with friends and to serve dinner on my front porch.”  He will be working this summer [...]

Break out the champagne: HDC Guide is launched

November 19, 2009

By Anne Stephenson, Ph.D. Campus Outreach Coordinator Clean Air-Cool Planet Do they still smash a bottle of champagne on the bow of a ship when they launch it?  Well, stand back then, because today, Clean Air-Cool Planet launches a new guide called “Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Historic Preservation: A Guide for Historic District Commissions.”  [...]

300 miles down and much learned

October 1, 2009

By Anne Stephenson Campus Outreach Coordinator Clean Air-Cool Planet Anne fills us in on the last leg of her bicycle voyage to the Washington, D.C. with Brita Climate Ride. Well, I’m cheating a little and finishing this blog on day 6.  I’m with Amanda in Pennsville New Jersey and I have to say I am SO [...]

On the Road with Climate Ride

September 29, 2009

By Anne Stephenson Campus Outreach Coordinator Clean Air-Cool Planet Anne has joined Brita Climate Ride, a five-day, 300-mile fundraising bike ride from New York City to Washington, D.C., which began on September 26. Anne has graciously provided us with updates on her journey so far. Day One The ride this morning through Manhattan was excellent. I loved [...]

Power Rock to the Rescue

September 15, 2009

By Krista Macomber Communications Assistant Clean Air-Cool Planet Children are impressionable. They soak up everything that is going on around them. During this stage, they form habits and opinions that can stick for the rest of their lifetime. The coal-industry group Families Organized to Represent the Coal Economy (FORCE) is apparently trying to capitalize on [...]

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Arctic: Native Communities in Alaska

August 25, 2009

By Neda Arabshahi Clean Air-Cool Planet Climate Policy Fellow Friday, July 30, 2009 Interview with Caleb Pungowiyi. Mr. Pungowiyi is a spokesperson and advocate for Native peoples of Alaska, he is a Yup’ik Eskimo who was born and raised on Alaska’s St. Lawrence Island. Please tell me about your experience with climate change and what [...]

Paths through the Arctic lead to Washington, DC

August 18, 2009

By Ben Wessel 2009 Clean Air-Cool Planet Climate Fellow for Policy Communications Working on the ground in DC to influence climate policy is important work, but sometimes it’s easy to get trapped in a maze of numbers, analyses, rumors, and blogs. Somewhere between calculating the percentage of carbon permits allocated to state wildlife and natural [...]


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