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Defending the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) In New Hampshire

April 20, 2012

Clean Air-Cool Planet offered the following testimony before the New Hampshire Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on April 19, 2012.  Testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on HB 1490 - relative to New Hampshire’s regional greenhouse gas initiative cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions. April 19, 2012 Roger Stephenson, Clean Air-Cool Planet, 100 Market Street [...]

Helping “The Heartbeat” with an Environmental GPS

November 18, 2010

By Bob Sheppard, CFO and Vice President, Corporate Program One of the things that first attracted me to Clean Air-Cool Planet a decade ago when there were but two employees on the payroll, was the opportunity to work collaboratively with corporate leaders, helping CEOs manage risk. This was an organization whose sole focus is climate [...]

Learning, face-to-face, that we all want the same thing

November 17, 2010

Jennifer Andrews, Director of Program Planning and Coordination Clean Air-Cool Planet ®   A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of hosting a visit to Clean Air-Cool Planet from seven fascinating gentleman from the Middle East.   These visitors—professors, journalists, environmental ministers and local officials from Morocco, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq—were on a whirlwind [...]

Energy, Environment and Elections

September 22, 2010

By Bob Sheppard CA-CP CFO and vice president of the Corporate Program, Clean Air-Cool Planet This is the last full day of summer, and with the primaries behind us, all eyes are turning towards the November mid-term elections. Folks who have spent the last 15 months focused on building support for comprehensive climate and energy [...]

I have a confession to make. I want the climate skeptics and “deniers” to be right.

September 17, 2010

As the national interest in acting to curb global warming wanes and Mother Nature picks up steam, the divide widens.

Another “Inconvenient Truth”: Partisan Positions on Climate Change

August 4, 2010

By Corey Johnson Climate Fellow, Clean Air-Cool Planet       Corey Johnson is going into his senior year at UNH as a business administration major with a minor in sustainable living. He has collaborated with CA-CP in the past on the development and implementation of the Small Town Carbon Calculator (STOCC). Most recently, he has been involved [...]

We’re talking to you. About money.

July 26, 2010

By Bill Burtis Manager, Communications and Special Projects, Clean Air-Cool Planet It doesn’t often happen that when you offer people money, they don’t show up.  But that’s exactly the position we at Clean Air-Cool Planet find ourselves in, and we’re not going to take it anymore. So, you are going to hear from us.  If [...]

Don’t Mention It

July 16, 2010

By Steve Erario, Climate Fellow Clean Air-Cool Planet       Steve Erario, is a Clean Air-Cool Planet Climate Fellow working with Greater Portland Council of Governments and CA-CP staff and to help produce a Maine Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Handbook for communities. A graduate in the Environmental Policy major at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, [...]

Science calls for solving problems for ourselves and others

July 12, 2010

By Bill Burtis Manager, Communications and Special Projects, Clean Air-Cool Planet I was struck by a recent story about islanders from Panama who are being forced off their traditional homelands by rising sea levels.  They are moving ashore – and deliberately seeking higher ground in the foothills of their nation’s jungles – to make sure [...]

What do witch hunts look like in a changing climate?

July 7, 2010

By Bill Burtis Manager of Communications and Special Projects, Clean Air-Cool Planet I came across the article “The Witch Hunt of the Little Ice Age” (by Dr. Promode Kant at the Institute for a green Economy in New Delhi) during a search for science on that period of the planet’s history made famous by climate [...]


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